Our goal is to renovate historically valuable buildings and, in the spirit of preserving the "genius loci" of the building, to give historical buildings a new life, to implement new modern elements and technologies and to preserve them as a memory of historical construction for future generations.

Historical building refurbishment not only preserves high-value buildings for the future, it also preserves our country’s past. Slovakia and Europe indeed have such a long, rich and detailed history and these buildings reflect that. They are the visual representation of our history; a testament to the architectural prowess of our ancestors. For that reason, allowing these buildings to fall into disrepair is, ultimately, to disregard all of that history and the lessons we can learn from it.

Saving heritage buildings from demolition is also important to the growth of the economy in the local area in the long term.  However, it is vital that historical building restoration projects are completed in a sustainable, long-lasting manner with ESG principles. This will ensure that the restoration is easily manageable and will be much easier to maintain in years to come.

The key to historical building restoration is to protect the property for the long term, and our sustainable approach to restoration recognises that.
Jungmanova Plaza Praha
reconstruction works, project and technical management
Jindrisska 16 Praha
reconstruction works, project and technical management
Hotel ERB, Banska Stiavnica
reconstruction works, monitoring of construction works
Renovation of a historical town house, Square St. Trinity, Banska Stiavnica
reconstruction works, project and technical management
Zochova Bratislava
fit-out works of office space inside historical building
Goldsmith in a historic building in the pedestrian zone of Nitra, Stefanikova street
construction works of new ceilings
Hotel Kempinsky Strbske pleso
monitoring of construction works in a historical hotel
Pharmacy Salvator Bratislava
design of feasibility for historical area for new purpose of information centre
Vydrica Bratislava
project management of design works of historical zone
ADIENT Sturova Bratislava
technical due diligence and stone facade renovation
Gorkeho Bratislava
technical design of interior historical construction
Town House Trnava
feasibility study, next stage is complete renovation
Solivary Presov
technical due diligence, feasibility study
Lazaretska/Cintorinska, Dormitory of a secondary medical school
technical due diligence, feasibility study, design of building renovation
Pivaren Mamut Bratislava
feasibility study, design of building renovation
Apartman House Szent István Bazilika
renovation of a historical town house, 11 apartments